- AG EXCALIBUR - Build your dream -

AG EXCALIBUR offer Individual Car Design, Body Styling and Production service, ranging from initial sketches, full size modeling and till final car body product.


 All of our cars are handmade using the finest materials, the highest class components and newest technologies. The limited production numbers ensure exclusivity and allow us to customize your dreams, provide a personal touch and emphasize your specific character.

Let us share your ideas for modelling of the front grill and the interior (e.g. we can shape the seats according to your wishes).




We can use your company emblem or family coat of arm to design and produce the only one set of wheels.  We are ready to make your dream car.

AG EXCALIBUR always focuses on sportiness, comfort and design. The enormous 24 - 30 inch wheels, extreme wide body, double triangle exhaust, cat style front lights, sensuous lines emphasize our style. We ensure that you will be visible on the streets. A sporty, comfortable suspension and high performance brakes. 


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